Annie Erstling

Annie is a social media and communications consultant for GuideWell. She’s passionate about using the power of great communications to positively impact health and wellness for the communities GuideWell serves. Connect with her on Twitter @annieerstling or on LinkedIn.

Is the Future of Health Care Remote?

Combining Quality and Convenience through Innovation in Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is a growing and dynamic field that’s been around for over 40 years. What started out as a way to provide medical support to populations in rural locations over the phone has grown into a $100 million video consultation industry. By 2018, this industry is expected to grow to over $13.6 billion.

Clearly there is a need to provide consumers with the care they need closer to where they live and work in a convenient way. What is also very important is the ability to be able to share and access quality clinical data.

At GuideWell we are currently looking at telemedicine efforts in four distinct areas:

GuideWell at #MediFuture 2024: The Healthy Human 2.0

Today marks the first full day of the MediFuture 2024 Conference in Tampa, Florida. This invitation-only event on September 16-18 is a place where senior health care leaders from around the country will come together to learn, share, network and make connections empowering them to transform our health care system into what it needs to be to ensure a healthier, more efficient system for consumers.

The Call for Imagination in the Transformation of Health Care | #TEDMED

“Logic will get you from point A to point B, but imagination will take you everywhere” – Albert Einstein.

Our industry is under specific pressure and uncertainty. Its long-term sustainability is predicated on our ability to significantly reduce costs and improve the overall effectiveness of care.

Unlocking the power of our imagination and focusing it through innovation is one way that we can reinvent our current business to create this long-term model of sustainability.