GuideWell Innovation and Healthbox Partner for Lake Nona Medical City-based Studio with 11 New Companies

The Healthbox Florida Studio in Partnership with GuideWell Innovation fosters early-stage health care companies in the new GuideWell Innovation CoRE™  


ORLANDO, Fla. – GuideWell Innovation and Healthbox announced the selection of 11 early-stage health care companies to participate in The Healthbox Florida Studio in Partnership with GuideWell Innovation, an eight-week studio at the new GuideWell Innovation CoRE™ (Collaborative Resource Ecosystem) space in Lake Nona Medical City.

The Healthbox Florida Studio in Partnership with GuideWell Innovation will assist the companies’ founders in refining their value proposition to drive traction and diagnose critical business needs, developing an effective go-to-market strategy, learning the nuances of selling into the health care provider and payer communities, and scaling their businesses, which includes building the right management team and fundraising. The entrepreneurs also will receive access to a GuideWell Innovation mentor and other industry experts throughout the studio program.

“GuideWell Innovation was created to transform the health industry by rapidly accelerating health innovation and developing impactful solutions,” said Renee Finley, head of GuideWell Innovation. “These 11 companies are representative of the future of health care and the innovative ideas essential to its transformation. We’re eager to collaborate with them and provide unique insider access and insight only available through the GuideWell Innovation CoRE.”

This year’s participants in The Healthbox Florida Studio in Partnership with GuideWell Innovation include:

BloomAPI helps organizations connect to real-time EMR data in less than five minutes.

Buoy Health created a virtual doctor capable of interviewing and educating patients on their likeliest diagnoses to replace searching symptoms online.

CarePredict is solving the problem of over reliance on human observation to catch declines in the health of seniors by developing a technology that aims to replace human observation with machine sensing and learning.

dbaza health has developed and clinically validated a patient onboarding platform for managing and reducing the costs of chronic diseases like diabetes.

Doctella helps hospitals improve quality and reduce costs by delivering smart checklists (workflows) to patients and their families and monitor their real-time participation to gain insights for critical, timely interventions.

Hint Health is a billing platform for direct pay health care providers.

KynderMed has developed a proprietary, non-invasive, light-based sleep mask solution that aims to reduce factors that could potentially contribute to preterm births.

PotentiaMetrics provides proprietary real-world outcomes registries and analytic platforms to reveal personalized and predictive insights.

Rimidi Diabetes empowers health care systems to deliver more efficient care to patients with diabetes, improve patient quality of life, and decrease the financial burden of diabetes to the system and patients.

Senscio Systems IbisTM complex care management solution uses artificial intelligence to proactively recognize health complications at home for timely and targeted interventions.

SMRxT is a real-time medication adherence system with a patient-centric approach allowing customers to fully understand and manage adherence challenges, leading to better clinical outcomes and reduced costs.

This is the fourth year GuideWell Innovation has partnered with Healthbox, which previously activated health care technology and entrepreneurial ecosystems in Jacksonville (2013), Tampa Bay (2014) and Miami (2015). Through the partnership, 23 early-stage companies participated in Healthbox programs and benefited from GuideWell Innovation’s expertise, network and commitment to driving innovation.

For this year’s program, Healthbox actively sourced and evaluated more than 100 companies aligned to GuideWell Innovation’s strategic priorities, a 16 percent rise since the first Florida Studio in 2013. Applicants originated from 22 states and 12 countries with more than half already providing market-ready solutions with active users. 

Early-stage companies focused on patient engagement accounted for nearly one-quarter of this year’s applicants, and those centered on care management made up nearly one-fifth of the applications.

The Healthbox Florida Studio Presented by GuideWell Innovation begins on May 16 and concludes on June 30.


About Healthbox

Healthbox is a turnkey growth and innovation platform for the healthcare industry. Through our Studio programs, we have engaged with over 130 early-stage healthcare companies, gaining key insights into entrepreneurial trends, business models and key success factors for building sustainable businesses in healthcare. We also partner with healthcare organizations to advance their innovation agendas, providing organized exposure to the external market while fostering a culture of innovation and commercializing internal ideas from employees. For more information, visit

About GuideWell Innovation

GuideWell Innovation, a subsidiary of GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation, is focused on advancing the transformation of the health industry through rapid acceleration of health innovation. Headquartered in Orlando, Fla.’s Lake Nona Medical City, the GuideWell UST Global Innovation Center facility is anchored by the GuideWell Innovation CoRE™ (Collaborative Resource Ecosystem), designed to become the global epicenter of health excellence, where thought leaders address current issues, evaluate emerging trends and develop next-generation health solutions to radically transform the industry and the consumer experience for better health. GuideWell Innovation concentrates on seven Centers of Excellence representing areas of focus to facilitate and accelerate the transformation of new ideas into useful products. The Centers of Excellence include Advanced Integrated Delivery of Care, Next Generation Consumer Engagement, Digital Health and Remote Management, Computational Health, Wellbeing and Human Performance, Health Care Financing and Health Policy. For more information, visit

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GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (GuideWell) is a not-for-profit mutual holding company and the parent to a family of forward-thinking companies focused on transforming health care. The GuideWell organization includes the leading health insurance company in Florida, a number of health care delivery businesses, a consumer engagement company, and a provider of administrative services to state and federal health care programs. For more information, visit


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