The Call for Imagination in the Transformation of Health Care | #TEDMED

“Logic will get you from point A to point B, but imagination will take you everywhere” – Albert Einstein.

Our industry is under specific pressure and uncertainty. Its long-term sustainability is predicated on our ability to significantly reduce costs and improve the overall effectiveness of care.

Unlocking the power of our imagination and focusing it through innovation is one way that we can reinvent our current business to create this long-term model of sustainability.

At GuideWell, one of our core values is imagination. We are committed to fostering this throughout our organization empowering employees to explore creative and unique ways of reimagining their particular focus within the system. TEDMED is a flagship example of a program that we bring to our employees through simulcast to empower them to step out of the day-to-day and think differently about the world we are all living in. 2014 will be the third year that our organization has simulcast this incredible conference to employees. Last year we had over 1000 employees participate.

Imagination at GuideWell has resulted in innovative change within the health care system in a number of real world programs that truly have the potential to transform the integrated approach between doctors, payers and private business to create holistic and individualized health care.

One example of this is our involvement in the implementation of a remote health care pod in retail locations across Florida enabling convenient and expanded access to exceptional care by consumers.

We are also diversifying our portfolio of products and services as we build strong ecosystem partnerships for co-development in initiatives such as sleep pods that help employers improve productivity and cultivate a healthier workforce.

In addition, we are investing through HealthBox in health care system start-ups like eTect. eTect has developed an ingestible microchip attached to a pill capsule that will be used for medication adherence. Once commercialized, this technology could have a big impact on helping patients get the most of their medication and managing the rising costs of pharmacy benefits. This company has been selected as an inspiring leader in health care innovation to be a part of the TEDMED Hive delegation this year.

Through innovation we can unleash the power of our imagination to help consumers, employers, doctors and payers work together to change the face of health care. The only limits are the boundaries of our imagination.

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by Renee Finley, VP of Enterprise Innovation and Market Intelligence

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Annie Erstling

Annie is a social media and communications consultant for GuideWell. She’s passionate about using the power of great communications to positively impact health and wellness for the communities GuideWell serves. Connect with her on Twitter @annieerstling or on LinkedIn.