Meet our GuideWell Chatbot That’s Helping Job Seekers Find Careers

Have you ever wished you had a digital assistant to help you navigate the job search? Many career sites, like our GuideWell careers site, now offer a chatbot, a digital tool that simulates a human conversation online.

Chatbots are used to help jobseekers navigate job openings, get their questions answered and get noticed by potential employers. Our chatbots interact with jobseekers by providing shortcuts to match them to open jobs and answer frequently asked questions via artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

Why use our chatbots, instead of just navigating our company’s career site?

• It’s a one-stop shop for research before applying or interviewing. When you’re applying for a job at GuideWell, you can use the chatbot to find specific jobs, understand how the application process works, learn about company news and information and locate leadership profiles or bios.

GuideWell Strengthens Commitment to Provide Innovative Solutions to Health Plans

GuideWell has officially renamed its diversified business segment, which includes PopHealthCare, Onlife Health and GuideWell Connect, to GuideWell Venture Group as it embarks on its next phase of growth.

“GuideWell Venture Group companies will play an essential role in advancing health by delivering people-centric innovation and progressive health solutions,” said Thurman Justice, executive vice president and chief financial officer of GuideWell and GuideWell Venture Group. “By combining our insights-led, data-powered understanding of customers’ needs with our commitment to caring for people when and where it matters most in their health care journey, we are well positioned for future growth and sustainability.”

Medical Team Leaned on Each Other in COVID-19 Storm

When COVID-19 made its way to Florida last year, there were a lot of unknowns.

The symptoms changed often in the early weeks and months after the virus arrived here in March 2020. It was unclear why some people were more susceptible to the virus than others. And there wouldn’t be a vaccine for another nine months.

So much uncertainty naturally led to frustration, concern and even fear for the doctors and nurses trying to navigate those uneasy waters, including the staff at GuideWell Emergency Doctors. It tested them personally and professionally. But it also brought them closer together as a team. One where they leaned on and looked out for each other more than ever.

Those feelings don’t disappear when the worst of the crisis has faded. (The number of new daily cases in Florida has dropped from about 18,000 to 3,000.) They’re still here today, part of the fabric of a team that weathered the worst of a storm and came out stronger.

Pat Geraghty Full Transcript: Moments of Hope Show We're Turning a Corner

Looking back, it’s been a challenging year. None of us could have imagined how much the COVID-19 pandemic would change every aspect of our daily lives.

Through it all, it’s been inspiring to see the compassion, resilience and determination demonstrated across every corner of our communities. We’ve all come together to be there for each other when we needed each other the most.

President and CEO Pat Geraghty Full Transcript: Our Frontline Team Members are Leading the Way

We continue to see a steady increase in the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations across the country. So far, more than 44 million people have received at least one dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

Among the first phase of people receiving the vaccination are frontline health care workers. While supplies are still very limited – even to this population – many of our own GuideWell Health team members have gotten their first shot.

After persistent efforts with the Department of Health, Diagnostic Clinic Medical Group – or DCMG – was able to secure a supply of 60 vials of the vaccine. Those were quickly spoken for by members of the DCMG team, eager to get vaccinated.

I’m heartened to see our GuideWell family leading the way as we work together to end the spread of COVID-19. It’s an important step for these team members as they prepare to play a critical role in distributing vaccinations within their communities.

GuideWell Emergency Doctors Now Open in Tampa Bay

By: Lissette Campos, Enterprise Communications

The notes are in different sizes and colors. Some are on sticky notes. And then there are the stick people drawings that look like they came from kids. This is what an outpouring of thanks from patients looks like. This is GuideWell Emergency Doctors.

This week, the innovative medical practice expanded from Central Florida into the Tampa Bay region, opening its doors at 4748 North Dale Mabry Highway in Tampa. It’s the first of six coming to Hillsborough and Pinellas counties this year and promises no shortage of inspiring patient stories. The model combines the diagnostic capabilities, technology and emergency medicine team of a hospital ER with the convenience and lower cost of an urgent care.

Lower cost ER alternative opens in Tampa Bay with region’s first GuideWell Emergency Doctors

By: Lissette Campos, Enterprise Communications

New medical facility provides access to top board-certified emergency doctors at one-third the costs and 50% less wait time

The first of six GuideWell Emergency Doctors in the Tampa Bay area opened today. The innovative new medical facility combines the technology and medical personnel associated with a hospital ER and the convenience and low-cost of an urgent care clinic. The medical facilities are operated and staffed by Crucial Care.

Response to Wednesday’s Unrest in Washington, D.C.

We all witnessed the extraordinary and disturbing events that took place Wednesday at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

I shared with my team this week that although our country is deeply divided, the things that unite us are always stronger than our differences. At GuideWell and Florida Blue, one of our Corporate Values is respect. We’ve leaned heavily on that value lately, and we must continue to do so.

Wednesday’s events remind us how important it is to remain committed to listening to each other, respecting each other and finding common ground. Violence has no place in our political process, and I remain hopeful that we will be able to accomplish a peaceful and orderly transition of power.

I am heartened to see that, in the end, the system worked. Leaders came together for the common good.

Not All Angels Have Wings

By: Sonya Ferris, Enterprise Communications

He was standing on a ladder to clean out a roof drain when the unthinkable happened.

Kevin*, a 47-year-old man from North Florida, lost his balance and fell to the ground, fracturing both elbows, his left shoulder, and left kneecap upon impact. The injuries were so severe that he spent 19 days hospitalized at a local trauma center and rehab hospital and required five surgeries.

Kevin’s wife and father, John*, immediately became his caregivers—and realized they would need help navigating the complexities of the health system.

Thankfully, their health insurance Health Advocate R.N. Nancy Byers was ready to step up.

Full Transcript: President and CEO Pat Geraghty Video Message on Driving Innovation

Health care is an ever-changing industry that thrives on innovation. And that innovation leads to healthier children, healthier families and healthier communities. I’m proud that GuideWell continues to be an innovative leader, dedicated to finding new ways to provide quality health care that remains affordable.

To do this, we’re collaborating with companies that are leaders in their fields to ensure our members receive high-quality care that is both innovative and affordable.