How To Find Quality Physicians at Affordable Prices With Save On Medical

By Sara McFarland, Communications Director with Save on Medical

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post submitted by Save on Medical, a 2014 graduate of the Healthbox accelerator program sponsored by the GuideWell family of companies.

Picking the right physician for you or your family is important. So, whether you’ve just moved to a new area or your health care insurance coverage has changed, finding a new doctor can be a stressful process. Discerning the quality of a doctor or their practice however can be a whole other challenge. Most of the time in radiology, patients are directed to their radiologist based on the preference of their referring physician. Patients often don’t even realize that they have a choice in where they go.

Florida Startups: Your Guide Through the Valley of Death is Here

By Kate Warnock

Jamie Grooms, the CEO of the Florida Institute for the Commercialization of Pubic Research (here forward, The Institute) may not be known as the successful publicly-funded, Florida-based start-up’s secret weapon, but he should be. A seasoned serial entrepreneur who transitioned to leading two successful companies, Jamie leads a host of business, human resources, financial and scientific advisors at The Institute who are charged with leading nascent companies started at Florida universities or research centers through the “Valley of Death.” This real-world stage is when many start-ups lose velocity and disintegrate under the burden of a poor corporate design, inappropriate funding, improper concept execution, and the myriad traps that mine the path to success. I interviewed Jamie and Renee Finley, GuideWell’s Vice President of Enterprise Innovation, for the most recent episode of GuideWell Insights podcast series.

Health Innovation Momentum Builds at Lake Nona Impact Forum

Image courtesy Lake Nona Institute

By Kate Warnock, Social Media Manager at GuideWell

The Lake Nona Impact Forum, hosted this past February by the Lake Nona Institute in Medical City outside of Orlando, is singular in how it convenes health industry thought leaders to engage and inspire health innovation. As a founding partner and advisor on the event, GuideWell shares Lake Nona Institute’s passion for discovering synergies that might lead to new health solutions. In our latest episodes of GuideWell Insights, we interview three GuideWell leaders who participated in the Impact Forum to learn what they found most compelling about the event.

Advocating for Precision Medicine

By Patrick Geraghty

Nontraditional players are recasting the future of care delivery, and GuideWell is counted among them. That’s why we organized ourselves as a health solutions company, why we embrace an entrepreneurial role in direct-to-consumer care delivery, and why we are joining partners on the leading edge of the precision medicine movement. The latter is keenly important to us since we know that tomorrow’s diagnostics and treatment will positively impact the effectiveness – and cost – of care. As we see it, advocating for precision medicine is one way we can accomplish our mission of helping people and communities achieve better health.

GuideWell Innovation Center: Shaping the Future of Health

By Chris Hillier, Innovation Senior Director at GuideWell

To be sustainable, the healthcare industry needs to lower costs and improve the effectiveness of care while recognizing that empowered consumers are demanding new solutions to manage their health. The GuideWell Innovation Center, opening in January, 2016 in Medical City, Lake Nona, Florida, is expected be a global epicenter for responding to these challenges.

Exponential Medicine | Translating the Future of Healthcare [Podcast]

According to Renee Finley, our Vice President of Enterprise Innovation, one of the best places to see first-hand how technology is impacting medicine and healthcare is Exponential Medicine. This immersive experience was hosted by Singularity University in November 2014 with the intention to bring together a cross-section of healthcare industry experts to disrupt, innovate and collaborate on new health solutions. In our latest episode of GuideWell Insights, Renee shares her top take-aways from Exponential Medicine, and how she translates these discoveries into opportunities for GuideWell’s constituents.

Is the Future of Health Care Remote?

Combining Quality and Convenience through Innovation in Telemedicine.

Telemedicine is a growing and dynamic field that’s been around for over 40 years. What started out as a way to provide medical support to populations in rural locations over the phone has grown into a $100 million video consultation industry. By 2018, this industry is expected to grow to over $13.6 billion.

Clearly there is a need to provide consumers with the care they need closer to where they live and work in a convenient way. What is also very important is the ability to be able to share and access quality clinical data.

At GuideWell we are currently looking at telemedicine efforts in four distinct areas:

GuideWell at #MediFuture 2024: The Healthy Human 2.0

Today marks the first full day of the MediFuture 2024 Conference in Tampa, Florida. This invitation-only event on September 16-18 is a place where senior health care leaders from around the country will come together to learn, share, network and make connections empowering them to transform our health care system into what it needs to be to ensure a healthier, more efficient system for consumers.