Full Transcript: President and CEO Pat Geraghty says Innovation to Transform Health Care

COVID-19 has the potential to change many things for the health care industry and for the way we operate.

We've long been advocating that everyone deserves access to high quality affordable care. COVID-19 doesn't change that, but it is accelerating our creative thinking so that in the midst of crisis we can continue moving our mission of helping people and communities achieve better health forward.

This pandemic has required us to reimagine how we do business and how we can best serve our members and communities.

We've been required to adapt, be nimble, and further lean in to our corporate value of imagination.

Stay-at-home orders forced us to temporarily close our Florida Blue centers.

We've re imagined how we can continue supporting our communities through the swift pivot to a virtual model.

We've also increased access to telemedicine so that members can access the care they need without leaving their homes. And, employees have been tasked with finding creative ways to complete their work with limited, or no access to our offices, meeting rooms, and other tools.

It requires agility, flexibility, and a can-do attitude.

At some point the COVID-19 crisis will end, but what shouldn't end is our innovative mindset.

Innovation both big and small can completely transform our industry and we're proud to be playing an important role in this transformation for the betterment of those we're privileged to serve.

Stay safe.

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