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The GuideWell Innovation Center

The GuideWell Innovation Center is one of the first planned buildings in Medical City, Lake Nona in Orlando, Florida. The building will represent the innovation interests of the community and be the epicenter for the development of new health solutions. The Center will include research labs from two major universities as well as the anchor tenant of the GuideWell Innovation CoRE (Collaborative Resource Ecosystem).

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The GuideWell Innovation Center is now open! Learn more about the center and how to get involved.

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Medical City is a 650-acre health and Life Science Park situated in SE Orlando and designed to be a
premier location for medical care research and education. Medical City has a number of important
attributes including proximity to Orlando International Airport, the world’s fastest internet, and a
growing community of skilled health professionals. Explore the Lake Nona Website to learn more about
Medical City and its key tenants.

The Innovation CoRE: a Unique Collaboration Workspace

The ground floor of the GuideWell Innovation Center houses GuideWell Innovation CoRE (Collaborative Resource Ecosystem). CoRE provides business leaders, the global academic community and entrepreneurs a physical location to convene to create solutions that will reshape the future of health.

CoRE offers state-of-the-art connectivity and inviting creative workspace. The facility houses the
following unique attributes to foster a culture of imaginative thinking, ideation and collaboration:

  • The GuideWell Innovation Theater The GuideWell Innovation Theater is a unique
    presentation venue where collaboration, vision,
    and imagination ignite utilizing adaptable
    audience-presenter format.
  • The Gallery of Exhibits The Gallery of Exhibits showcases the latest health solutions and products using cutting-edge presentation techniques.
  • The Living Lab The Living Lab is an interactive and modular space designed for research studies where people can interact and participate with actual experiments.
  • The Nutrition Lab The Nutrition Lab is a dynamic twist on the art of eating and drinking where education, research and technology combine to create a tasteful and engaging experience.
  • The Executive Boardroom The Executive Boardroom is a state-of-the-art meeting space utilizing video teleconferencing with advanced audio/visual capabilities.
  • The Start-up Garage The Start-up Garage provides advanced technologies including 3D printing and scanning as well as digital prototyping software to advance ideas into pre-production prototypes.
  • The Imagination Cinema The Imagination Cinema creates a theatre atmosphere for viewing video products, 3D renderings, and simulations.
  • The GuideWell Studio The GuideWell Studio is a video production studio for creating and recording engaging marketing and communications video material.